The Beginner’s Guide to Tai Sui, Sui Po, & Bai Tai Sui for 2023 Year of Rabbit

What is Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) in Feng Shui and and why does it matter to you?

Tai Sui is short for Tai Sui God, or Tai Sui General. It is a Chinese feng Shui term for the body of personified annual energy that mirrors the ideal trail of Jupiter both celestially and locally in projection. In Chinese folklore, there are sixty Tai Suis, each named after a historical honorable general. Each Tai Sui governs the world of mortals annually in the 60-year sexagenary cycle.

A temple with 60 Tai Sui Shrine

Tai Sui has a strong impact in three aspects, mankind, earth and heaven. Earth being the space we live in, one of the important topics of the annual feng shui arrangement is to deal with the Tai Sui and Sui Po corners; mankind referred to the zodiac people that offend Tai Sui, while Tai Sui has an overarching impact for every people; heaven being the time, just like there is a pocket of energy in annual period, there are also pockets of monthly, daily and hourly energy that has impact in people’s lives. That is the reason why the subject of Tai Sui should matter to everyone.

Are zodiacs offending Tai Sui bad luck?

In fact, contrary to what people think, Tai Sui does not mean bad luck, or offending tai sui does not necessarily bring bad luck to a zodiac. Offending Tai Sui simply means there is certain aspect of one’s life is magnified, positive or negative, though most cases one may experience certain kind of challenge in life. The outcome will be determined by other factors.

I listed the zodiacs that offend Tai Sui in 2023, the year of Rabbit.

Zodiacs offend Tai Sui in the year of Rabbit 2023

What is the direction/position of 2023 Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter)?

In 2023, year of water rabbit, Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) locates in the east region, house of zodiac Rabbit (75° – 105°).  The Tai Sui General in 2023 is named after General Pi Shi.  

Tai Sui & Sui Po positions in 2023, the year of Rabbit

What is Sui Po (year breaker) and its direction/position in 2023?

Sui Po, the Year Breaker, is always in the opposite direction of Tai sui. It is also the area that should avoid reconstruction and heavy activities. The feng shui beginners often pay great attention to the Tai Sui corner, but easily ignore Sui Po corner, which is equally important.

In 2023 Year of Rabbit, Sui Po locates in the house of zodiac Rooster, the west region within 255° – 285°. 

2023,Year of Rabbit, Tai Sui and Sui Po positions in a house

When will 2023 Tai Sui start to take effect?

Tai Sui’s effect for 2023 will takes place after Li Chun, February 4th, 2023. The moment when sun is at 315 degrees ecliptic, defined as the beginning of spring. The impact of Tai Sui will last for a year till the beginning of next spring, February 4th, 2024.

What is the feng shui cure for 2023 Tai Sui?

The popular practice is to display a Tai Sui amulet, or a Tai Sui Plaque, in the east region; or to wear a bracelet, but you do not have to. Because this practice is often very general and does not produce ideal result. I would share with you my approach below.

2023 Tai sui locates in east region, which can be a little complex this year because of both Tai Sui and flying star # 2 (star of sickness) occupying this position. My suggestion is to display a brass Wu Lou with blue ribbon tied on it in this corner. This arrangement is a combination to regulate the negative energy of both Tai Sui, Sick Star # 2, and Three-killings.

Feng Shui Arrangement for 2023, Year of Rabbit in Tai Sui and Sui Po corners

Time wise, there are hours, day and month of Tai Sui and Sui Po.  The month of Rabbit is month of Tai Sui, which is between March 6, 2023, to April 4, 2023.

Tai Sui day one can refer to any traditional Chinese almanac for details. Once you identify any day of rabbit and Rooster, the next sixth day is considered a Tai Sui or Sui Po day and should be avoided. For example, February 8th, 2023, is the day of Rooster, meaning that is a Sui Po day, and the next 6th day February 14th is the day of Rabbit, the Tai Sui day, February 20th is the day of Rooster again, Sui Po day, and so on and so forth.  These days are not great options to start an important project.

5am to 7am is considered the time of Rabbit, thus Hours of Tai sui in 2023, which should be avoided to initiate an important event. See the Reference table below.

Zodiac hours in a daily cycle

The other practice (I highly recommend) to minimize the negative impact and even gain positive support from Tai Sui is to help people, actively providing support to people need help, donation, etc. This type of voluntary action often receives no reward or compensation, but it will build up one’s Yang energy and thus able to help one to regulate the overall fortune.

In traditional cultural practice, one can also pray to Tai Sui for protection and safety through performing a ritual in a temple with Tai Sui Shrine, or even home. For those who have little knowledge of feng shui practices, this is an alternative in many regions. We will discuss in a topic below.

What is the cure for 2023 Sui Po (Year Breaker)?

Unlike Tai Sui, to mitigate Sui Po’s negative effect does not require ritual, but rather the awareness of the relevant space and time, which can be taken care in feng Shui wise. In 2023, Sui Po locates in the house of zodiac Rooster, the west region within 255° – 285°.  One can display a black Ceramic Ram on it in the west region of your house to minimize the negative effect of the Sui Po, this is also a practice to resolve the element conflict of Three-killings in this position. Avoid any new construction in west areas (Keep this area calm).

Time wise, the month of Rooster is the month of Sui Po, which is between September 8, 2023 to October 7, 2023. 5pm to 7pm is considered the time of Rooster, thus Hours of Sui Po in 2023, which should be avoided to initiate an important event.

Who needs to pray to Tai Sui /Bai Tai Sui?

In general, the group of people often suggested to pray to Tai Sui for protection and safety are zodiacs offending Tai Sui (Fan Tai Sui) of the year. However, anyone can perform this ritual to appease Tai Sui.

Bai Tai Sui is really an umbrella term that can be used for all Tai Sui-praying activities and all groups of people in the beginning of the year. “Hua Tai Sui” literally means to resolve the issues of Tai Sui; it is basically a quick and layman version of Bai Tai Sui without much personal information involved.

She Tai Sui, also known as “Nip Tai Sui” in Cantonese, is a special type of Bai Tai Sui designed for zodiacs offending Tai Sui (Fan Tai Sui). She Tai Sui means to learn the wisdom and to follow the way of Tai Sui as the annual Tai Sui general is deemed the way and the wisdom of the year personified, thus minimizing mistakes and wrongdoing.

If you are interested in the ritual process of how to Bai Tai Sui/She Tai Sui, I provided a thorough guidance in the article below.

According to the Chinese folklore, there are sixty Tai Suis, each named after a historical honorable general. Each Tai Sui governs the world of mortals annually in the 60-year sexagenary cycle. A Tai Sui general being selected as the lead of that particular year means his way of life best benefit the mundane world of that year. In the year of 2023, Tai Sui is General Pi Shi, who was a general in Wei Dynasty (386-535). General Pi Shi was well-known for both his heroic military action and fair management of his territory. However, he was also birched after occasions of binge drinking when he was old.

60 Tai Suis & 2023 Tai Sui General Pi Shi

The lessons that we can learn from Tai Sui General Pi Shi:  in the year of Water Rabbit 2023, we should be actively taking action to achieve our goals, and our effort and dedication will likely be rewarded. However, we need to stay consistent and never forget why we started our journey, and be persistent in the pursuit of our goal, that way we will maintain our passion and faith, and avoid going astray. That is the mindset one should have mind after praying to Tai Sui, because one is not only praying to Tai Sui’s protection and blessing, but more importantly, applying this mentality and wisdom as the way of his life in this year.

Other images for 2023 Tai Sui General Pi Shi

If you want to know if you are one of the Zodiacs that offends Tai sui, I have copied my article “The Most Complete Guide For Tai Sui And Offending Tai Sui, With My Secret Cure,” which included a breakdown of five types of Fan Tai Sui for each zodiac.


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