A Comprehensive Guide to Tai Sui in 2023 with Secret Cures

What is the Chinese zodiac and element for 2023?

2023 is the year of Water Rabbit. Yin Water (Gui) and Yin earthly branch (Rabbit) form the Yearly Nanyin element of Metal.

Chinese Lunar New year starts January 22nd, 2023. In terms of Feng Shui arrangements, the energy for the year of Rabbit starts on February 4th, the start of spring.

Tai Sui’s position in 2023, year of Rabbit, is in the east region, the house of zodiac Rabbit, which is within 75° – 105° of a location. The opposite direction of that is the house of zodiac Rooster, the west region within 255° – 285°, where Sui Po (Year Breaker) locates in 2023.

Tai Sui’s effect for 2023 will takes place after February 4th 2023.

2023, year of Water Rabbit

What is Tai Sui?

Tai Sui is short for Tai Sui God, or Tai Sui General. It is a Chinese feng Shui term for the body of personified annual energy that mirrors the ideal trail of Jupiter both celestially and locally in projection. In Chinese folklore, there are sixty Tai Suis, each named after a historical honorable general. Each Tai Sui governs the world of mortals annually in the 60-year sexagenary cycle. 

The Tai Sui General in 2023, Year of the Rabbit, is named after General Pi Shi.  
2023 Tai Sui General General Pi Shi

The impact of Tai Sui on three important aspects 

Tai Sui is a body of energy that changes annually. In general, when we are talking about Tai Sui, we are referring to the annual energy that fills the annual zodiac house in both time and space, locally and celestially. Depending on the topic and context, the emphasis of Tai Sui’s effect varies, and the ambiguity often causes some confusion in practice. I will break down the most important information about Tai Sui in 2023 in three aspects below,

  1. Tai Sui’s effect on people, zodiacs offending Tai Sui (Fan Tai Sui)
  2. Tai Sui’s effect on space (Feng Shui Dos and Don’ts for Tai Sui’s and Sui Po’s position, and my secret method on energy decluttering on these two corners).
  3. Tai Sui’s effect on time (what hours you should avoid, what you should pay attention to and what you should not care)

We will go into details of each aspect below and I will also share with you some of my secret remedies.

Tai Sui’s effect on people, zodiacs offending Tai Sui (Fan Tai Sui)

  • What is offending Tai Sui(Fan Tai Sui)?

Tai Sui governs the annual zodiac house and thus has a different reaction with the rest of the zodiacs. When interaction is incompatible or unfavorable to Tai Sui’s house, that zodiac is considered offending Tai Sui. There are five ways of offending Tai Sui, being against Tai sui, clashing with tai Sui, afflicting by Tai Sui, harmed by Tai Sui and broke by Tai Sui. As a result, there are often four to five zodiacs offending Tai Sui each year.

  • Which Chinese Zodiacs offend Tai Sui in 2023?

Fan Tai Sui literally means offending Tai Sui. There are five categories of offending Tai Sui, being against Tai sui, clashing with tai Sui, afflicting by Tai Sui, harming by Tai Sui, and broke by Tai Sui. As a result, there are generally four to five zodiacs offending Tai Sui each year.

Zodiacs offend Tai Sui in 2023, Year of Rabbit

Below is an overview of the Chinese zodiacs offending Tai Sui in 2023, Year of Rabbit.

Zodiacs offending Tai Sui in 2023
  • Are zodiacs offending Tai Sui bad luck?

In fact, contrary to what people think, Tai Sui does not mean bad luck, or offending tai sui does not necessarily bring bad luck to a zodiac. Offending Tai Sui simply means there is certain aspect of one’s life is magnified, positive or negative, though most cases one may experience certain kind of challenge in life. The outcome will be determined by other factors.

  • Which zodiacs are good luck in 2023?

In addition to Zodiac offending Tai Sui, there are also zodiacs that are compatible with Tai Sui. When your zodiac is compatible with annual energy, there is at least one aspect of your life being elevated or bestowed with certain positive opportunity.

The lucky zodiacs for 2023, Year of Rabbits are zodiac Dog, zodiac Pig, Zodiac Sheep.

Space, the direction or region that Tai Sui stays in that particular year

  • The direction of Tai Sui in 2023, year of Rabbit

Tai Sui’s direction in 2023, year of Rabbit, is in the east region, the house of zodiac Rabbit, which is within 75° – 105° of a location. The opposite direction of that is the house of zodiac Rooster, the west region within 255° – 285°, where Sui Po (Year Breaker) is in 2023. Both Tai Sui and Sui Po positions should avoid any reconstruction or activities with heavy vibration.

Tai Sui and Sui Po positions for 2023, year of Rabbit
  • Feng Shui Dos, Don’t and Remedy for Tai Sui and Sui Po in Year of Rabbit, 2023

Dos for Tai Sui position in the east (75° – 105°) and Sui Po (Year Breaker) position in the west (255° – 285°):

Tai Sui & Sui Po Cures

Don’ts for Tai Sui position in the east (75° – 105°) and Sui Po (Year Breaker) position in the west (255° – 285°):

  • Avoid long period of activity in both Tai Sui and Sui Po areas
  • Avoid any type of reconstruction and heavy vibration in the relevant Tai Sui positions.
  • Avoid any type of reconstruction, breaking the grounds, taking down the walls, heavy hammering, activities that cause heavy vibration, etc.

Below is the secret remedy check list that can help to declutter negative energy in both Tai Sui and Sui Po areas of 2023 –

  • Avoid adding earth element into this corner, especially ceramic items.
  • Avoid items such cash, safe; animals such as rooster, pig, dog, rat; appliance such as alarm, audio system in Tai Sui position.
  • Avoid items animals such as Horse, Rooster in Sui Po position.

However, the most important factor to minimize Tai Sui’s negative impact is to avoid any reconstruction and remodeling activities in Tai Sui’s and Sui Po’s directions is good enough in general. Any activities such as breaking the ground, drilling, or breaking the wall will activate the energy of Tai Sui. In most cases, it triggers the negative side of Tai Sui. 

But, what if you must do reconstruction in Tai Sui’s position, say, water is leaking in that corner of your house, what can we do then?

What we most hear from a consultant is that there is nothing you can do about it and negative consequence will follow.

Well, there is an advanced method to minimize the negative effect and I have never seen anyone revealing in public. I have always used it to help my clients when they activate Tai Sui by accident, and it has worked magic in many cases. Though it was within the advanced practice category, the practice itself is not complicated, I put down a step-by-step guideline as below:

First, if possible, start that reconstruction in the last 20 mins of an hour, try to keep yourself or your family away from the site being activated. It is the weak end of an hour in terms of energy.

Secondly, put seven grains of raw rice and mixed with seven dashes of salt in fresh water, dash the salt water in four corners of the house and family member who got involved.  It will significantly lower the negative impact of Tai Sui.

Thirdly, after dashing the water on both family people that are present and to the corners of house, leave the site for 24 hours (spend the night in hotel) if possible and return the next day.

The more thorough you can follow these instructions above, the less negative effect you will experience in the upcoming days.

If you are interested in 2023 annual Feng Shui arrangement, please check out the article below.

Time, the hours, days, months that have a conflict with Tai Sui

In Feng Shui practice, there are often three factors to be considered for a matter, earth, heaven, and mankind; earth being the space, mankind being the person who got involved, these are basically the zodiac and space arrangement that I mentioned earlier in this article. The third factor, heaven, is the time to initiate an event, to activate certain type of energy. There is unfavorable time that may affect the over development of a matter and cause issues, there is also auspicious time that will push things to direction we desire.

For example, in 2023, the year of Rabbit, people are advised to avoid time of zodiac Rabbit and Rooster because they are considered Tai Sui and Sui Po time and may insert too much instability in an event.

What is time of zodiac Rabbit and Rooster? 

Month wise, the month of Rabbit is between March 6 to April 4, month of Rooster between September 8 to October 7.

Below is a table for the period of each zodiac month in the year of 2023, year of Rabbit.

Zodiac MonthDates for Each Zodiac Month
Month of TigerFebruary 4 to March 5
Month of RabbitMarch 6 to April 4
Month of DragonApril 5 to May 5
Month of SnakeMay 6 to June 5
Month of HorseJune 6 to July 6
Month of SheepJuly 7 to August 7
Month of MonkeyAugust 8 to September 7
Month of RoosterSeptember 8 to October 7
Month of DogOctober 8 to November 7
Month of PigNovember 8 to December 6
Month of RatDecember 7 to January 5, 2024
Month of OxJanuary 6, 2024 to February 4, 2024

Day wise, one can refer to any traditional Chinese almanac for details. Once you identify any day of rabbit and Rooster, the next sixth day is considered a Tai Sui or Sui Po day and should be avoided. For example, February 8th, 2023, is the day of Rooster, meaning that is a Sui Po day, and the next 6th day February 14th is the day of Rabbit, the Tai Sui day, February 20th is the day of Rooster again, Sui Po day, and so on and so forth.  These days are not great options to start an important project.

Hours associated with Tai Sui are often avoided in auspicious-time-picking process. Chinese zodiac hour system is different from occidental hour system. The day starts after 11 pm the day before and ends at 11 pm, not 12 am.  The zodiac hours go in a bi-hourly system, starting with 11 pm to 1 am as the hour of Rat, 1 am to 3 am as the hour of OX,  and so on.

People are often advised to avoid using the time of Rabbit (5 am to 7 am) and Rooster (5 pm to 7 pm) to initiate an important event, wedding, grand opening, etc.

Time picking is a very complex subject that only mastered by a small group of advanced masters.  When it is practiced correctly, it has miracle result. However, the amount of calculation is huge and resulting the expensive charge.  People often refer to the auspicious/ominous time in a traditional almanac for convenience; however, the time a traditional almanac can offer is often way too general and arbitrary, and thus help very little for practical purposes.

I also provided an in-depth analysis of Tai Sui in general, including origin of Tai Sui, common misconceptions, and how to calculate the annual Tai Sui and Fan Tai in Chinese astrology.


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